IDRC East Coast Nationals - Maryland International Raceway

IDRC East Coast Nationals - Maryland International Raceway
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Text and Photos by DSPORT Staff
Excerpted from DSPORT Magazine # 32

The IDRC East Coast Nationals was the second stop of the 2005 IDRC drag racing season but the first East Coast event of the year. Maryland International Raceway had great weather all day and the track was prepped for some solid racing action. The Evo-1 car show was in full effect with over 100 cars entering the judged car show. The bikini contest pulled a large audience with Maryland's hottest ladies tossing clothes into the crowd. The IDRC's spectators were in for a surprise as they got a chance to witness these ladies strut their stuff. Some of the best racing action we have seen this year went down in the IDRC's amateur heads-up classes mainly in the BFGoodrich Tires' True Street Class and the DSport Magazine Pro-Am FWD Class.

DialD Magazine Quick Class

The DialD Magazine Quick Class was led by Sean Glazar in the Extreme Motorsports '92 Eagle Talon. During qualifying Glazar laid down a 10.51-second elapsed time to secure the number one spot for the class. In the Quarter-Finals, Glazar being number one was lucky enough to have a bye run, but still ran hard and clicked off a 10.77-second pass at 110mph. Anthony Melbers '94 Toyota Supra blasted a 9.989-second elapsed time which beat Neldo Suarez's 12.701-second pass in his '76 Mazda RX-3. Due to some unknown problems, Jim Palczynski's '94 Toyota Supra broke at the line giving an easy win to the '87 Honda Accord piloted by Johnny Ortiz. Problems also plagued Scott Surey's '95 Civic which allowed Harold Horton and his '91 Eclipse to move onto the next round with a 10.860-second ET.

In the Semi-Finals Sean Glazar laid down a 9.677ET which beat out Anthony Melber's 10.311ET. Johnny Ortiz sprinted to the finish line with an 11.457ET but that wasn't good enough to catch Harold Horton's 10.461-second pass. In the Finals, an AWD shoot out between Glazar and Horton was setup. Once again Glazar dominated his competition and blazed down the track in 9.675-seconds at 158.48 MPH for the win.

All-Motor Class

The All-Motor Class was once again dominated by Honda power. Norris Prayoonto in the Clutch Masters '04 Honda Insight grabbed the number one spot with a 9.748-second pass at 136.97mph during qualifying. In the first round of eliminations, Norris received a bye run and took an easy pass to save his engine for the next round. Scott Mohler in the Mopar Neon ran a 10.883ET which was more than enough to take the win against Warren Bartees '93 Honda Civic. The Inline Pro '03 Honda Insight piloted by Fred Highland clicked off a 12.375ET against Don Elliott's '92 Honda CRX which moved the Inline Pro Insight onto the next round.

The Quarter-Finals was full of problems for most of the competitors in the class. Scott Mohler's Mopar Neon with a bye run was not able to make it to the line to break the beams. If Scott was able to do so, he would have secured his position in the following round. Fred Highland who was set to face off with Norris Prayoonto also could not make due to engine trouble. Norris Prayoonto was the only competitor to make it to the second round, which put him into the next round. With no competition, Norris took home an easy win. In the Final round Norris took an easy pass to secure first place.

DSport Magazine Pro-Am FWD Class

The DSport Magazine Pro-Am FWD Class was the most exciting class of the day filled with 9- and 10-second street cars. The class was led by Maryland's own Jason Hunt in the Car Doctor Performance '88 Honda CRX with a 9.726ET at 154.65mph. In the Quarter-Finals, Jason Hunt faced off against Curtis Power's '94 Honda Civic and broke him off with a 9.879ET. Mat Keller with the Inline Pro '95 Acura Integra was the number two qualifier for the class. Kellar went head to head with Rob McKellar's '90 Talon. McKellar's 11.495ET was no match against Kellar's 9.858ET. Rick Everley with his '92 Civic was an underdog coming into the event. Everley was paired up against Charlie Shaefer's Car Doctor Performance '97 Civic; unfortunately Shaefer had problems and broke at the line giving the win to Everley, the underdog. Freddy Clark in his '91 CRX took the win against Matt Curtis and his '94 Integra with an 11.096-second pass.

In the Semi-Finals Mat Keller met Freddy Clark at the line and took the win with a 10.943-second blast. Jason Hunt was paired with the underdog Rick Everley, however Everley's 12.339ET was no match for Hunt's 9.788ET. In the finals, Hunt was lined up with Keller; however Keller's 10.517ET could not hold to Hunt's 9.843ET.

Pro-Am All Motor

The '88 Honda CRX driven by Richie Gibson laid down an 11.587-second ET which put him in the number one spot going into eliminations. In the Quarter-Finals, Gibson the number one qualifier faced Bryan Danieli's '92 Honda Civic but red lit and gave the win to Danieli. The '94 Civic piloted by Randy Owens went down the track at 12.354-seconds which beat the '94 Civic of Ronnie Cameron. The '89 CRX of Dougie Sears ran a 12.863ET which was more than enough to take out the '94 Civic driven by Tim Harett. Next up was Daniel Zimmerman's '94 Civic; he was paired up against the '92 Civic of Matt Chambers the number two qualifier. Zimmerman with a slower reaction time still managed to take the win against Chambers with a 12.996ET.


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IDRC East Coast Nationals - Maryland International Raceway

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IDRC East Coast Nationals - Maryland International Raceway
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