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DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Corissa Furr

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Corissa Furr

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Corissa Furr

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Corissa Furr

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Corissa Furr

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Corissa Furr

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Corissa Furr

Text by DSPORT Staff | Photos by Michael Ferrara
Excerpted from DSPORT Magazine # 64

DSport: Please tell us a little about yourself.
Corissa: I was born in Frederick, MD and raised in this really small place called Keedysville, MD (population 482). It's such a small town that we don't even have traffic lights. Believe it or not, I still live around the same area, but I've been thinking of moving out to California.

DSport: Did you pursue modeling or did modeling find you?
Corissa: A little of both I guess. A friend of mine was doing photo shoots so I went with her. I then had a couple photo shoots of my own to put together a modeling portfolio. As for the import scene, Import Velocity found my page on OMP (One Model Place) and asked me to work at a car show in Ocean City, MD.

DSport: Before you got into modeling did you enjoy high school?
Corissa: I loved high school. I was friends with everybody and didn't belong to any specific clique. We partied a lot. I mean, who doesn't? My friends and I were very close and it was great. I still occasionally miss being in high school.

DSport: Did you make it to college after high school?
Corissa: Not yet. After high school, I needed to work full time to pay for my car and rent so I didn't have the time or money for college. Once I have the time, I would like to go to college and major in psychology. It's a subject that interests me.

DSport: So what are your career goals?
Corissa: While I know it's always a long shot, I'd actually like to make a career out of modeling. It wouldn't have to be just print work. I really enjoy interviewing people and I would love to be a spokes model. If we are talking about dreams coming true, one day I would love to have my own TV show.

DSport: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Corissa: I have one older sister who's five years older. She's married with two kids, who are awesome nephews. I miss them so much when I'm on the road. Love you Shannon, Gary, Gavin and Ian!!

DSport: What would you like people to know about you?
Corissa: I'm a real, down-to-earth person. I don't fall into the stereotypes of an import model. What you see is what you get. This is my real blue eye color, I don't wear color contact lenses.

DSport: Can one person make a change in the world?
Corissa: I think one person can definitely make a huge impact and influence in the world. There have been many people in history who have already shown that it's possible. Look at Martin Luther King, Jr. He's just one example. If you're passionate enough about your dreams and the changes that you want to make, it's definitely possible.

DSport: If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?
Corissa: I don't really have an answer to this question because I'm happy with who I am. I feel that I am very blessed.

DSport: Name something that you would like to be really good at?
Corissa: I really want to learn how to drift. I love cars. I love going fast and feeling the adrenaline rush. Plus, how hot is it when a girl can drive like that!? Are there any takers out there? Anyone want to teach me?

DSport: Would you rather chill on a beautiful beach or go skydiving?
Corissa: Wow. That's a tough one because I really love going to the beach. But I'd probably have to say skydiving because I can go to the beach any time. Skydiving is something I've always said that I have to do before I die.

DSport: What are some things that you are passionate about?
Corissa: I'm very passionate about modeling. To me, modeling is an art; it's being able to portray a feeling in a photo or telling a story without words. It's something that I take very seriously. I also love music. I was in the school band for years and I loved it. Music is a huge influence in my life. I don't know what I would do without good music.

DSport: School band? What instrument did you play?
Corissa: (laughing) I was a bit of a band geek in high school. I've played the clarinet since sixth grade. Later on, I conducted the band as the drum major.

DSport: What would be your dream car?
Corissa: Skyline R33 GT-R

DSport: Who told you to say that?
Corissa: No one. No really. I had the chance to ride in the car and I loved it. It's fast, cool and sexy. Right now I drive a stock Volkswagen GTi VR6. It's OK, but I would love to have a bad-ass street car that makes tons of power.


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Corissa Furr

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