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Dawn Jaro
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DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Dawn Jaro

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Dawn Jaro

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Dawn Jaro

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Dawn Jaro

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Dawn Jaro

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Dawn Jaro

Text by DSPORT Staff | Photos by Michael Ferrara
Excerpted from DSPORT Magazine # 46

A little less than one year ago, DSport featured Justene Jaro on the cover of our November 2005 issue (#35). Based on emails and web traffic statistics, Justene Jaro was one of our readers' favorite cover girls. When we met up with Justene at the 2005 NOPI Supershow we also met her older sister Dawn.

DSport: Where were you born?
Dawn: I was born in the Philippines where I lived until I was four years old. I'm the middle sister and Justene is the baby. I'm 15 months older than her.

DSport: What's the biggest difference in personality between you and Justene?
Dawn: Justene is more vocal, loud and outgoing. It probably comes with the extra three inches of height. As for me, I'm more shy and a little more responsible.

DSport: How was high school?
Dawn: I had trouble following the dress code. The first high school that I went to had a strict dress code. I ended up going to an "alternative" school for the "cool" kids (laughing).

DSport: Have you ever done any modeling?
Dawn: Nothing really worth mentioning. Oh well, I did do some modeling for the Dirty Shirty T-Shirt company out of Atlanta.

DSport: How do you like living in Atlanta?
Dawn: Love it. I'm not sure why. It's just home. I also like L.A. The diversity is great and so is the shopping.

DSport: Are you pretty adventurous?
Dawn: Not really.

DSport: Do you have a regular 8 to 5 job now?
Dawn: I worked in an office but recently got laid off. I got a new manager and she hired her friend's daughter to take my job. It sucks.

DSport: What skill or talent do you wish that you had?
Dawn: It's not really a skill, but I wish I was more outgoing. I guess I wish I could dance. Right now, I need to have a few drinks before I have the courage to hit the dance floor.

DSport: Do you actually think you dance better drunk?
Dawn: I'm not sure, but I do "feel" the music and move. I should probably have a friend videotape me to see if I'm any good.

DSport: What's the biggest misconception people make about you?
Dawn: Sometimes people think that I'm mean or stuck up. This happens because I'm really shy. I'm also really bad at conversation in general. I'm a listener not a talker. That's for sure.

DSport: If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?
Dawn: I wish I was an inch taller. Even an inch would be great.

DSport: Have you heard of HGH…(Human Growth Hormone)
Dawn: No. But I wouldn't want to take that though. I just wish I was born an extra inch or two taller.


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Dawn Jaro

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Dawn Jaro
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