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Janey B
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DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Janey B

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Janey B

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Janey B

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Janey B

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Janey B

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Janey B

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Janey B

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Janey B

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Janey B

Text by DSPORT Staff | Photos by Michael Ferrara
Excerpted from DSPORT Magazine # 128

Being punctual to the photo shoot and so easy going with what was for lunch definitely left a good first impression on us. After getting to know Janey more, she continued to impress us with her need for speed and above average dance skills. We’re glad we have this interview on video because she rarely left us with a dull moment.

DSPORT: So Janey, we understand that you have some unique skill sets besides modeling.

Janey: Besides being a freestyle and choreographed dance performer, I’m also an aerialist and novice fire dancer.

DSPORT: We assume that’s a bit more extensive than the Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style, how’d you get into that?

Janey: I was at a nightclub and saw these performers and said to myself “I can do that,” so I did. I also work with a great nightclub willing to push the envelope and redefine the term "go go dancer."

DSPORT: You seem to be pretty fit, do you do a lot of training for your line of work?

Janey: I’m blessed with a really high metabolism and being active with modeling, dance and aerial stuff, I’m able to stay pretty fit. But when I do go to the gym I love to kick box, it really helps me work out some aggression, ha ha.

DSPORT: I don’t think you’ve been able to stay still since this interview started. Do you need to go to the bathroom or something?

Janey: As you can tell I’m pretty goofy and I wiggle around a lot (does a body wiggle). A lot of people think I’m shy at first, but after you get to know me a little bit you get to see a different side of me.

DSPORT: What are some of your passions?

Janey: Life is my passion. That and my dogs, I’m a total dog lady… I have four! Three Boston Terriers and one miniature pincher. They’ve actually been waiting out in the car this whole time (laughing)… just kidding.

DSPORT: Were you born here in Southern CA?

Janey: I was actually born on a naval base in Subic Bay, Philippines. We traveled the world a little bit, my dad was in the military and eventually ended up in San Diego, CA.

DSPORT: Does your family take a militant approach to your modeling career?

Janey: Don’t ask, don’t tell. Ha ha, it’s kind of a sore subject. But my brother is a big Tosh.0 fan and when I was booked as a video vixen for one of the episodes, it was pretty much the first thing I could share with him without it being uncomfortable.

DSPORT: That actually sounds like a pretty fun gig, what song was it for?

Janey: Tosh.0 was doing a remake for Krispy Kreme, it was probably the most fun I’ve had on set.

DSPORT: What type of music do you like?

Janey: I listen to a little bit of everything, but my favorite band of all time would have to be Boyz II Men……….heyyyyyyyyy (does body roll)

DSPORT: A girl with some soul, we can appreciate that. Now the real question is….are you a girl down with performance?

Janey: I just spent three days driving a GT-R up and down the Las Vegas desert and it was just amazing to step on the gas and feel it go. I like to go fast, I guess you could say I’m kind of an adrenaline junkie.

DSPORT: So all the car talk going on here probably doesn’t bother you?

Janey: I don’t know very much about cars but I do love to hear guys talk about it. I think it’s kind of a turn on.

DSPORT: Not a bad way to end this interview. Any parting words for the DSPORT readers?

Janey: Thank you DSPORT for having me, and thank you Gaby for making me feel and look glamorous. To my fans, you guys are amazing. Thank you for all the love and support!


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Janey B

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Janey B
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