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DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Melissa Riso

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Melissa Riso

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Melissa Riso

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Melissa Riso

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Melissa Riso

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Melissa Riso

Text by DSPORT Staff | Photos by Michael Ferrara
Excerpted from DSPORT Magazine # 84

DSPORT: Tell us a bit about yourself Melissa.
MELISSA: I live in San Diego and I love it. The warm weather and beaches cater to the island roots in my genes. I'm a very outgoing and independent social butterfly. I have an older sister named Sarah and we are 18 months apart. We are very close. I love to go out, be spontaneous and work. I'm a work-aholic.

DSPORT: If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?
MELISSA: Lamborghini, for sure. I'm still deciding whether I like the Gallardo or the Murciélago better, but I'll take both, if it's an option.

DSPORT: If you had a Lamborghini, would you be a speed demon?
MELISSA: Oh man, I have road rage like no other, even without the Lambo. I will follow someone right on their tail if they cut me off. I would love to drive a racecar. I'd show those pro drivers what's up.

DSPORT: What modeling have you done?
MELISSA: I have done runway shows for Ed Hardy, Nerolie and Elizabeth's Closet. I've been in a few magazines and have done pin-up, bikini, lingerie, implied and fashion work. I've also worked as a Hooters girl and Budweiser girl and have done commercials for Cox Cable and Playstation.

DSPORT: What are some of your most memorable moments from modeling?
MELISSA: I remember doing a huge fashion show for charity that was thrown by the San Diego Chargers football team doctor. There were 600 people there and I was the only girl in see-through lingerie. I've never been that naked in front of so many people. That was an experience!

DSPORT: Do you work a second job outside of modeling?
MELISSA: I am a full-time hair stylist and just quit being a bouncer at a night club in downtown San Diego.

DSPORT: How does someone of your size stop a 200-pound guy?
MELISSA: The nightclub I worked in was extremely professional. They have one of the largest security teams for a hotel nightclub in the area. We were trained in defensive tactics by the instructors at the police academy every month. Girl clubbers were always the worst, especially in groups… catty and drunk. But I could stop a big guy from brawling with my brain and mouth. That's usually how I defused a situation. But if things got bad, I'd call for cover. If things really got bad, they'd get a tight arm bar, wrist lock or I'd hit a pressure point. Trust me, you'd go down and I'd do it with a smile.

DSPORT: How should a guy approach you without getting beat up?
MELISSA: Be yourself.. Approaching with a stupid pick up line just doesn't work. A guy once walked right up to me and said nothing but, "Give me your number." Hello… Can I have your name first at least?

DSPORT: What are your biggest turn-offs with a guy?
MELISSA: If he doesn't have a job or a drive to be successful in life. Someone that is lazy is obviously not going to be able to keep things exciting with me. I need someone who can keep up with my work ethic.

DSPORT: Where would you like to see yourself in five to ten years?
MELISSA: I would love to own more than one business, star in a kick-ass action movie and be married. Since I'm a hair stylist, I'd love to own my own salon. I think I could bring something new to the scene. I'd also love to create my own lingerie company. I'm so tired of the usual boring stuff that other stores offer. I want to bring a new, hot lingerie line.

DSPORT: Anything else you'd like to say while you have the floor?
MELISSA: Thank you DSPORT for inviting me to represent you guys. For all my loving fans, check me out at And thank you Damien! You're a great boyfriend and manager! Muah xoxo.


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Melissa Riso

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