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DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Pinky Tang

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Pinky Tang

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Pinky Tang

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Pinky Tang

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Pinky Tang

Text by DSPORT Staff | Photos by Michael Ferrara
Excerpted from DSPORT Magazine # 92

DSPORT: Welcome to DSPORT's First Date, Pinky. Tell us, how's Brain?
Pinky: Haha, not like I haven't heard that one before. Got to love cartoons. I always say I'm both Pinky and the Brain!

DSPORT: So how did you get into modeling?
Pinky: It started with just trying to help out photographers in my hometown of Vancouver build their portfolio. My pictures came out pretty good and more people began hitting me up. I figured something greater could pan out from getting a little more serious about it. So here I am now.

DSPORT: What kind of work have you done up to now?
Pinky: I've modeled for a couple of clothing companies in my area and I'm currently a semi-finalist in Maxim's Hometown Hotties. I've also done work for and had a quick scene in American Pie 7 where I kissed Stifler. The movie was fun but definitely not G-rated… I saw a lot of boobies on the set.

DSPORT: Good lord, there's an American Pie 7? Was it the real Stifler (Seann William Scott)?
Pinky: I wish! No, just kidding. In American Pie 7, it isn't supposed to be the original Steve Stifler, but his little cousin Scott Stifler. But everyone just calls him Stifler too.

DSPORT: Got it. So besides making out with spin-off movie characters, what else do you do for work?
Pinky: I work at a restaurant and also as a make-up artist at MAC which keeps me busy, but I enjoy it. Every so often I get a funny story from doing someone's makeup. One time, a lady in her sixties came in and first said she wanted to look natural. But after I started, she kept making me make her eye shadow darker and her lips pinker. She basically left completely content looking like a clown.

DSPORT: Does every Canadian wish that they lived in the States?
Pinky: Not me. I love Vancouver. I could only hang in the States for a couple months at most. I wish Vancouver didn't have miserable weather for 10 out of 12 months. But when it's nice out, it's gorgeous. The lakes and parks on sunny summer days are unbeatable.

DSPORT: Does being a bit of a rebel affect your relationship with your family?
Pinky: I love my family but I drove them crazy when I was in high school. I was kind of the bad girl on campus. My boyfriend at the time was out of school and I almost got kicked out twice. Once for skipping class, and the second time because I skipped the parent-teacher conference about how I was skipping class. I like to think I've improved my behavior since then but I'm still trying to cut back on the cussing. It's just really fu@k!ng hard. Whoops.

DSPORT: At least you're not boring. Do you get along better with guys or girls?
Pinky: I tend to get along better with guys. I have my close group of girlfriends but most girls are downright crazy… myself included. We can be overdramatic and obnoxious at times, so I like to hang with the boys a bit more. I even enjoy things most girls don't. I love UFC and hockey. Whenever I start talking about UFC with any girls, they just look confused.

DSPORT: A girl that's down to watch sports with the guys is a big plus. Does hanging around more guys ever become a problem though?
Pinky: Not with my guy friends. That doesn't mean all guys are cooler than girls though. Boys can get creepy real quick. I was once driving to a photoshoot 25 minutes away from Vancouver in a little farm town called Langley. For 20 of those minutes, some creepy guy was following right behind me no matter which way I went. I even tried to hide around an alley way and saw him just inching around the corner. I hauled ass to my photographer's house and ran inside. When I came back out to my car hours later, there was a sticky note with his name and number on my windshield. Come on guy, did you really think that would work?

DSPORT: So do you have a website or online profile?
Pinky: I don't have a website at the moment, so Facebook is where you can find me. I just remade my account because Facebook deleted my old one. Something about explicit content, even though I didn't post any nudes on there or anything. It's messed up because I know other people who have nude pictures in their photo albums and they never got in trouble. I'm guessing some girl caught her boyfriend looking at my portfolio, got mad and reported me. Haters. I?told you girls are crazy.

DSPORT: Any final thoughts about your First Date with DSPORT?
Pinky: I've never done a full feature with a studio and video so I was pretty nervous and unsure of what to expect. But I have to say it was a blast and you guys made me feel so comfortable. I had so much fun and can't thank you guys enough for the opportunity. To all the DSPORT readers, I hope you enjoy seeing it all as much as I enjoyed doing it. Much love. But next time, please have Jeren get me to the airport on time so I don't miss my flight.


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Pinky Tang

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