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DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Randyl Dawn

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Randyl Dawn

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Randyl Dawn

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Randyl Dawn

DSPORT Magazine Online Image Gallery | Randyl Dawn

Text by DSPORT Staff | Photos by Michael Ferrara
Excerpted from DSPORT Magazine # 77

DSPORT: Randyl, tell us a bit about yourself.
RANDYL: I'm half Filipino and half Norwegian. I was born and raised in beautiful Southern California. I consider myself shy. I'm definitely a girly girl but I can also get in touch with my outdoorsy side. I come from a very big family and we are all very close. My friends say I'm down to earth.

DSPORT: Being a Falken Girl must keep you busy. What's your day job when you're not modeling?
RANDYL: I'm a waitress at a restaurant in Huntington Beach. It's only five minutes away from the DSPORT office.

DSPORT: Does working at a restaurant mean you like to cook?
RANDYL: I do like to cook sometimes. But I rely on recipes. I'm not one to throw a bunch of stuff together and expect the food to come out good.

DSPORT: How did you start modeling?
RANDYL: I've always been interested in modeling but didn't really know what to do. Then one day while I was working the register at a clothing store, this woman came to me and asked me how old I was and what was my nationality. At first, I was kind of creeped out. She told me she managed models and told me to give her a call. Later I came to find out that this was Mary J. Castillo, a well-known import model.

DSPORT: Do you two still keep in touch?
RANDYL: I've known Mary for almost five years. We've since worked together at every event.

DSPORT: Are all import models as nice to you or have there been any catfight moments?
RANDYL: There were a few catfight moments a few years ago, but that's going to happen every once in a while. Most of the time, the girls I meet are sweet and easy to work with.

DSPORT: What kind of modeling work had you done before joining the Falken team?
RANDYL: Before Falken, I worked for Speedzone, Diablo Wheels, Crossfire Audio and Scion. Mostly different events and shows for a few companies.

DSPORT: How did you get hooked up with Falken?
RANDYL: Someone from Falken saw me rushing to the Diablo booth during SEMA 2007. They ran up to me and said they wanted me to model for them. I got their contact info, went through the interview process and the rest is history.

DSPORT: When you're not modeling or working, what do you do with your spare time?
RANDYL: I go to school full time so I'm mostly doing homework or studying. I love to be outside when it's hot, and in Southern California, that's most of the year. I love going to the beach and shopping.

DSPORT: What are you studying to become?
RANDYL: I plan to get a degree in fashion merchandising.

DSPORT: When you hit the clubs, what is your drink?
RANDYL: Believe it or not, I don't drink.

DSPORT: Are you just an all-around good girl?
RANDYL: I guess you can say that.

DSPORT: Think of the worst trouble you've gotten into. Did it involve police or just detention at school?
RANDYL: Do a few speeding tickets count?

DSPORT: While disregarding traffic laws, what is it you're driving?
RANDYL: A 20th Anniversary Edition Volkswagen GTI.

DSPORT: Have you ridden shotgun on any drift runs with the Falken team?
RANDYL: I actually have sat shotgun for the opening ceremonies at some of the drifting competitions. The feeling is unexplainable!

DSPORT: Ever want to learn how to drift yourself?
RANDYL: I've been wanting the guys to teach me. I already have driving a stick down, that's a start. Maybe this year.

DSPORT: Is it pretty easy for you to talk shop now with the guys about cars?
RANDYL: Definitely. I still have a lot to learn, but I've learned so much this past year.

DSPORT: When you're on a date, are cars the last thing you want to be talking about?
RANDYL: I don't mind talking about cars, but only for a little bit.

DSPORT: What is your idea of the perfect date?
RANDYL: I'm a pretty simple person but a sucker for romance. A perfect date for me would be a picnic (that the guy prepared) on the beach at sunset. We would talk for hours about anything and get to know one another. Maybe grab some ice cream and watch the sunset. The night would end with the guy walking me up to my doorstep, giving me a kiss on the cheek and saying "goodnight".

DSPORT: What would be the best way for a guy to approach you?
RANDYL: I like it when a guy doesn't make it obvious if he's trying to hit on me. Just make small conversation. Having him act nonchalantly keeps me interested.

DSPORT: What are the top three qualities you look for in a man?
RANDYL: First, he has to be motivated. Second, he has to make me laugh and third, he has to have a nice smile.

DSPORT: Are you up for adventure or are you more of a homebody? RANDYL: I'm down for adventure. On my 21st birthday, I went skydiving. The most unnerving part was the flight up.Once you get ready to jump, you have no time to be scared.

DSPORT: Any big plans for the future?
RANDYL: Of course I want to model for as long as I can while I finish school and earn a degree. If I'm lucky I'll end up with a career that I love. I would trade doing something I?love for making a little more money doing something boring.

DSPORT: Any parting words you would like to say to our DSPORT readers?
RANDYL: Yes, I want to say hi to all the DSPORT readers. I would like to thank my mom and dad and the rest of my loving family who have supported me. I love you all. Thank you DSPORT for giving me the opportunity to be a cover model. The shoot was fun.



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Randyl Dawn

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