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Subaru STI TEINSince the widebody allows for a big wheel-and-tire combo, that’s exactly what you’ll find under these fenders. Racing Hart 18×10-inch wheels carry BFGoodrich Tire g- Force R1 tires of the 285/35R18 variety. The contact patch of the BFGs is maximized thanks to a full TEIN FLEX coil-over suspension system. This system not only allows for the height adjustment needed to properly corner-balance the vehicle, it also allows for on-the-fly dampening control from the cockpit-mounted EDFC controller. Other suspension improvements include Whiteline anti-lift bushings, Hotchkis anti-roll bars, adjustable lower control arms and drop links. As the suspension plants the BFG’s to the pavement, the B&M shifter ensures that the right gear is selected as the ACT six-puck lightweight clutch and flywheel assembly regulate power application. When the time comes to stop, Project μ calipers put the squeeze on the Project μ pad-and-rotor combination.

In addition to the suspension control offered by the TEIN EDFC, the cockpit is also home to no less than four AutoMeter gauges, the HKS EVC and HKS turbo timer. A Momo steering wheel pilots the vehicle. An Autopower bolt-in roll bar helps to add a bit of chassis rigidity to the car.

Subaru STI Interior

The Bottom Line

If you aren’t participating at your local “track days,” chances are you have some friends that are building their driving skills. Since road-racing events challenge all aspects of the vehicle, having a well-balanced combination is now the desire of more and more enthusiasts. This APR Performance STi represents one combination that gets the job done while still staying within a somewhat reasonable budget. While engine, braking, and suspension upgrades may already be on your to-do list, you may want to consider some aero tuning also. After all, its impact can be seen even when your car is not in motion.

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