For the first time ever, DSPORT is proud to announce
2x tours to Japan for 2017!

The TOKYO AUTO SALON TOUR is the flagship tour featuring VIP access to the Tokyo Auto Salon show and exclusive access to the private NISSAN Heritage Collection Museum. The tour also includes a visit to UPGARAGE for parts shopping, city exploration and much, much more! With one extra day added to the tour, it’s the ultimate chance to visit Japan!
The new OSAKA AUTO MESSE TOUR will take you down to the Kansai Osaka region to visit the second largest tuning show, the OSAKA AUTO MESSE.  With over 200,000 people in attendance, this show features local rides that cannot be seen in Tokyo. A quick Bullet Train ride on the Shinkansen will take you to the Toyota Museum in Nagoya, as well as to the city of Kyoto full of UNESCO World Heritage sites for a day of sightseeing.
Both feature attendance at a tuning show with over 200,000 visitors.
Both include a trip to world class automotive museum.
Both will be a blast.
Come join the DSPORT staff members and explore all that Japan has to offer.
We guarantee it will be a trip you won’t forget!