Royal Purple's Royal Flush Cooling System Flush and Cleaner

Royal Purple's Royal Flush Cooling System Flush and CleanerFull Flush

The best way to avoid cooling issues is to preempt the cause of them. Keeping your radiator free of deposits, build up and contamination helps to ensure that your engine does not suffer from overheating due to a clogged cooling system. Royal Purple’s new Royal Flush cooling system treatment was formulated for just that purpose. Composed of industrial grade cleaning agents first used in large scale heat exchangers, Royal Flush is said to clean the coolant pathways in the engine, radiator and piping by removing oils, accumulated scum, gel, corrosion byproducts and other contaminants. This flush features a neutral pH that won’t damage painted surfaces and is a non-hazardous formula that is safe to dispose of down the drain. Royal Flush also primes the cooling system metals for follow up treatment with Royal Purple’s Purple Ice. MSRP is $6.59 per bottle.  

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