4B11 Blueprinting Lead

3 thoughts on “Beyond Blueprinting | Stroking and Poking the Mitsubishi 4B11

  1. Alfredo Lontoc Jr says:

    you should talk about modding of the oil squirters to pistons, and time sert for the head bolts for the 4b11t

    1. Michael Ferrara says:

      If the piston is made right, there shouldn’t be a need to modify the oil squirters in most cases. Are you seeing a specific issue with this? We’ve used the 4B11 studs in CA625+ alloy for over 1,000whp builds. We use angle torque instead of a fixed torque value for equal preload.

      1. Alfredo Lontoc Jr says:

        On my oil squirters I had to trim and bent so it won’t hit the pistons. I’m pushing 40psi boost on 6466 and found after head lifted due to threads in the block are weak. Found people that run high boost on 4b11t they time insert the head bolt threads in the block. All 10.

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