Rally Subaru WRX in the Oregon Trail Rally - On-board Video
Rally Subaru WRX Oregon Trail - Photo by Randy Montgomery

Rally Subaru WRX On-Board Video

Rally Subaru WRX at Oregon Trail - Photo by Trevor Wert In issue #169 of DSPORT, we examined the process and requirements of what goes into building and preparing a car for rally racing. We teamed up with Todd McAllister from team Driven to Find a Cure and Ralli Candi shop owner Brent Smith to participate in our first ever stage rally race. DSPORT Technical Editor Cameron Parsons took the co-driver seat in this rally Subaru WRX, as we competed in this long and grueling Rally America event, the Oregon Trail Rally. Read more about it in issue #170, and see the video below to ride on-board the rally Subaru WRX in the final stage of the three day event. This stage, the Boyd Loop, covers 10 miles of dirt and gravel roads at high speeds, including a 70+ MPH jump.

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