A Special edition of DSPORT DVD! We look back at this history of DSPORT DVD as we cover the events, cars, and ladies that helped shape DSPORT DVD into what it is today. Including IDRC, D’ Garage RH9 GT-R, First Date, SEMA, New Car Buyers Guide, Formula D, Tokyo Auto Salon, and more. DSPORT DVD #25 Playlist Intro Behind the DVD: Backstage IDRC- Import Drag Racing Circuit Flagship: D’ Garage Skyline GT-R First Dates- The Ladies of DSPORT NCBG- Rockin’ New Rides SEMA- Parts Bin KA vs SR: The (Seemingly) Endless Story D’Garage Civic- The First D’Garage Cover Car Formula D- America’s Premier Drifting Series TAS- The Mecca of Tuning: Tokyo Auto Salon Credits/Outtakes

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