Released in 2013, this DVD came FREE with the May Issue of DSPORT Magazine (Issue #128). Featuring the Buschur Shootout and Tokyo Auto Salon along with some car/model features mixed in.

DSPORT DVD #31 Playlist

2012 Buschur Shootout
Feature: Florida Street EVO X
First Date: Kristine Valentino
Sheptrans R35 Transmission Tech
Feature: JDM Style 240SX
First Date: Natalie Bee
D’Garage MX-5 Tire Test
Feature: 8-second STM EVO
TAS Tour Day: Auto Salon
Night 1: Tokyo Car Meet
Day 2: UpGarage, Ramen Museum, Nissan HQ, Kirin Beer Factory
Day 3: Odaiba. Megaweb
Day 4: Autobac, UpGarage, TOMEI POWERED
Day 5: Nissan Heritage Musuem
Outtakes and Credits