Waylens HorizonWaylens captures the benefits of onboard video and driving data in a single unit, the Horizon. The Waylens Horizon offers a simple way to capture video and record data from your car, in a compact and unique looking package. The unit features a 157-degree wide-angle lens with f/2.4 aperture in a metal barrel housing. An OLED display sits on the rear, providing live data like lap times, boost, speed and more. Data transmits to the Horizon wirelessly from the OBDII transmitter, with the ability to start and stop recording via the included steering wheel remote. Sensor data like GPS, motion forces and OBDII details are automatically overlaid on the video screen. Its H.264 compression, 120 fps recording at 720p, and 318 MP/second recording abilities enable the Horizon to capture high quality video in various lighting conditions, with smooth playback in slow motion. MSRP starts at $499.95.

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