Elissa Alva

Elissa Alva is the only cover model to appear on three DSPORT covers, two DSPORT calendars and two DSPORT DVDs. We managed to pull her away from modeling, school and family time long enough to get a few answers to some probing questions. Criminals beware; Elissa’s in the hot seat now.

Elissa Alva Second Date as featured in DSPORT Magazine Issue 118The last time you were here three years ago, you had just started your modeling career when you landed the cover of issue #78. Fill us in on what’s happened with you career since then.

After my first DSPORT cover, my modeling career pretty much took off. I started doing a lot of event appearances but then I had to slow down as I was trying to balance school, work and being a mom. I also became the official spokesmodel of Wekfest and have done quite a few more print publications and a few magazine covers. It’s been a blast.

Even though this is officially your Second Date, this is actually the third time you’ve been on the cover of DSPORT, having been the representative model on our special 100th issue. Tell us a little bit about that.

DSPORT was my first cover ever. When I found out I was on the cover of the 100th issue, it really meant a lot to me because it came at a perfect time. I was going through a lot of things personally, in school and with modeling and that cover came out of nowhere. It made me cry!

That’s us, keeping it real and bringing the tears. The last time we talked to you, you were at CSU Sacramento studying biology but you were constantly changing your major. How did that turn out?

Just recently I finally graduated and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Crime Analysis. It’s not “CSI” stuff but more of cause and effect behavioral analysis to determine how crimes occur, what kind of person is most likely to become a criminal and true analysis of crimes that have already happened.

Elissa Alva Second Date as featured in DSPORT Magazine Issue 118Since you’ve continued modeling over the past few years, do you have fans that recognize you out of modeling context?

Yes, it happened all the time at school. That was pretty weird because I didn’t wear makeup when I went to school but people still recognized me and had me autograph laptop cases, cell phone cases, school books and all kinds of random items.

Just the other day, someone actually recognized me at Universal Studios. It was strange because I was 600 miles from the Bay Area yet someone knew who I was and asked for an autograph. With all the famous actors you might catch a glimpse of in the Universal Studios, someone wanted my autograph. I thought that was pretty cool.

It looks like your circle of influence is getting larger than Northern California and the Bay area. Do you have any plans of doing more mainstream or international modeling outside of the import industry?

I’ve actually been a spokesmodel at CES (in Las Vegas) and I just landed a gig as a spokesmodel at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles) and those both have international audiences so we’ll see if that leads to anything.

Elissa Alva Second Date as featured in DSPORT Magazine Issue 118Besides doing a possible Third Date with DSPORT in the future, where do you see yourself going from here?

In the next couple of months, I’m actually going back to school to earn my Master’s degree in Crime Analysis so I’ll probably be home studying or cramming at the CSUS library. Once I get my Master’s, I don’t know what I’ll be doing afterwards but anytime DSPORT will have me back, just give me a call or shoot me an email and I’ll come back!

Outstanding. Until next time, do you have any words you want to leave for DSPORT readers and your fans?

I wanted to say thanks to my family and friends who have been supportive of my modeling career and a big thanks to DSPORT for everything that you’ve done for me. If you see me around, make sure you stop and say hello!