Harmony Vu

Some say youth is wasted on the young. Or it might’ve been a Swedish rock band. Either way, Harmony Vu proves the saying wrong. Still a teenager from California’s dubiously famous Orange County, Harmony is fit, a bit shy, extremely sexy and ready to take that next step in her life. Where that foot will travel to, who knows? All we’re grateful for is that her path took her into the loving arms of DSPORT and our photo studio.

dsport-model-harmony-vu-122-001You just shot your first cover at the tender age of 19, how did you get into modeling?

I am good at networking and am always open to trying new and different things. Modeling was one of them.

So what was Harmony like in high school, before the fame?

I cheered and played softball for practically half my life, but even then I’m still a very shy girl. Believe it or not, I hung out in the library during lunch break.

Do you still cheerlead or play softball?

Yes! My little brother is in a Little League football team and I will be assisting his cheer team this season. I’m so excited!

Go big sis! Our high school never had Auto Shop so Home Economics was our favorite class. Can you cook?

I love baking! Baking is a secret hobby of mine, I used to bake desserts for my family all the time. That slowly lead me to experiment with other dishes.

Wow, a girl who actually knows her way around the kitchen – a rare breed. Being of Vietnamese descent, what’s your favorite dish to prepare from the motherland?

Bun Rieu, it’s a tomato-based type of soup, with shredded crab meat and fish patties. It’s super yummy!

dsport-model-harmony-vu-122-006What dish would you cook to win over a man?

What man wouldn’t love a tender, juicy sirloin steak with a side of crispy french fries?

A man would have to be a fool to refuse a meal like that. We’ve heard that you have a strong appreciation for Buddhism. How does it affect your daily life?

I was actually raised Catholic growing up. It was later in life that I discovered the Buddhist religion through some of my family. It’s morals and beliefs seem to make a lot of sense to me. I stop by Buddhist temples on special occasions and the occasional get-togethers—it also helps that they have a lot of good food!

So, do you have a thing for overweight bald guys who have a propensity to smile while holding their hands up wantonly in the air?

Oh yeah… those are my favorite kind of men. [laughs] Not! I prefer my guy to be tall, family oriented, somewhat in touch with his religion, stays active and who says the most awkward things at the most awkward times! [laughs] Oh, and he has to be driven, knows what he wants and needs. That’s it! [more laughs]

Talk about a tall order. So what do you like to do for fun?

Like LMFAO, I work out! Seriously though, I’m very passionate when it comes to working out–it’s actually becoming my guilty pleasure. I go to the gym four to five times a week. Cardio relaxes me and helps control my anxiety. I also lift weights. I’m thinking about becoming a body builder. Just kidding! [laughter]

Here’s a weird fact we learned about you. You actually like country music. What is up with that?

I love country music! I was raised in Huntington Beach, California, so it was always normal for me to hear country music playing in the background, everywhere I went. It’s soothing, always sets my mood right and it brings back a lot of great memories.

Are you talking about the Taylor Swift type of country?

Taylor Swift is cool but she’s more pop. Some of my personal faves would be Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, and the Eli Young band.

Harmony Vu First Date as featured in DSPORT Magazine Issue 122Where will we find Harmony in five years?

I hope to be finished with college and traveling the world with someone significant.

Any last words for DSPORT readers and future Harmony Vu fans?

I just want to talk about my personal quote which is really just the golden rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” If everyone abided by this, there would be a lot more peace in the world. Thank you to anyone that wants to be a fan of mine and thanks to DSPORT for giving me the opportunity!