Misa Campo

She’s one of the most well-known faces in the import model industry. Her blood-pressure-raising photos in magazines and the internet recently got her placed on G4TV’s list of the top-three hottest women from Montreal. And now in response to many readers’ requests, Misa Campo is the first girl to ever have graced the cover of DSPORT three times. Welcome back Misa. What’s it like to be the first model to be on the cover DSPORT three times? It’s great. It’s an honor considering all the beautiful girls that have been on the cover. Misa Campo Third Date with DSPORT Magazine Issue 95What’s been going on since we last spoke? I recently moved to Las Vegas. I’ve been modeling as much as possible, traveling a bunch and just going wherever life takes me. We heard you were living in Japan for a while. How did you like that? Are you going to become the next Leah Dizon over there? Japan was definitely an awesome experience. I’ve never been anywhere like it. The longer I lived there and made more friends, the more I loved it. It’s nice to live where everyone is so kind and every detail is thought about. The Japanese culture prides themselves in being very meticulous yet creative and innovative. Still, it’s hard to get used to paying $100 for cantaloupe. As for being the next Leah Dizon, it didn’t happen. Have you learned anything about cars being that you always seem to be surrounded by them at photo shoots? I don’t know that much about cars, but I think they are sexy and I love them. My favorite car changes everyday. Yesterday it was a Scion tC. Today it is an Audi S6. I love to watch drifting but I really want a ride-along. Did you know that you make more random faces than any other cover model during a photoshoot? It’s out of habit. When there’s an awkward silence, I make faces when it gets too serious. Either that or it’s because I get tired of making Zoolander-like faces and need to switch it up. Misa Campo Third Date with DSPORT Magazine Issue 95Do you have any photo shoot horror stories? I wasn’t embarrassed, but I was shy the first time I did an implied-nude shoot. Not really knowing what to do made me a bit nervous, but luckily the shoot was with Babeblvd and they made me very comfortable. I only shoot with photographers I trust because some shady photographers are out just to publish the raunchiest pictures whether you like them or not. Any other stories of creepers getting crazy? Yes, in fact one guy recently emailed me saying how we dated and he loves my son like his own. I don’t have a son. Long story short, I told the guy he was delusional. He later sent me hate mail. Apparently he preferred his imagination over reality. Misa Campo Third Date with DSPORT Magazine Issue 95As a former bartender, you must know a good number of alcoholic concoctions. What is your drink of choice from the bar? Beer, hands down. I really like Stella Artois and Sapporo. If I’m at a club, I’ll also drink vodka with soda. I don’t care for sugary “girly” beverages.