DSPORT TAS Nissan Heritage Collection
How many icons can you fit in one room? For the Nissan Heritage Museum, squeezing legendary cars in their Tokyo, Japan museum is no issue. On the 2018 DSPORT Tokyo Auto Salon tour, we were able to stop by the museum and experience the history of the legendary Japanese automaker. Nissan has been one of Japan’s most notable manufacturers for over 80 years, producing some of the most capable cars in the compact performance market. The Nissan Heritage Museum displayed historic cars dating back to 1933. Also on display was the start of the legendary Godzilla, from the very first GT-R to the much-evolved R35. The museum covers a wide-range of performance vehicles, from circuit-racing to safari, and everything in between. This place is a must-see for any JDM or car enthusiast. Text by Bassem Girgis // Photos by Tyler Hirashima, Bassm Girgis and Henry Hoang DSPORT Online Content

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