Papago Releases its GoSafe 760 Dual Dash Cam

Papago Dash CamDash cameras are becoming more and more commonplace for street cars, and with good reason. They’re handy for capturing rare and interesting moments, but they’re also a lifesaver in situations that question liability and details of how an incident occurred. The Papago GoSafe 760 dual dash cam aims to provide the most coverage possible with a 140-degree wide angle in front and 120-degree wide angle in the rear. The camera records video in 1080p HD resolution, and supports 128GB SD cards to capture and store hours of video before it loops over. The GoSafe 760 utilizes special battery protection in order to withstand summer heat through the windshield. It also includes Papago’s Driver Assist Features like Stop Sign Recognition and Driver Fatigue Alarm, with the ability to add GPS and TPMS features as well.

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