twin port iwg-75BOOST TOO LITTLE AND YOU’RE DOWN ON POWER, BOOST TOO MUCH AND YOU END up with a repair bill. Some engines may appear more bulletproof than others, but they all run at their best with specific tunes and tolerances. Turbosmart’s new Twin Port IWG-75 wastegate actuator, available in both turbo-specific and universal applications, intends to improve boost response, provide a more stable boost control and allow for a wider boost range between minimum and maximum boost. The Twin Port IWG-75 accomplishes this by using the air pressure differential between two sealed chambers to create a dynamic force which overcomes the mechanical spring force of the actuator. The Twin Port is currently available to suit BorgWarner’s EFR internally wastegated turbochargers, along with a universal fit model which can be used with Turbosmart clevis rod ends, with more applications coming in the future. MSRP starts at $209.99.

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