CTEK Battery ChargerCTEK incorporates a patented technology into all of its chargers, including the MUS 4.3. This technology incorporates a “Float” maintenance mode (LED #7) with a “Pulse” maintenance mode (LED #8). CTEK states that this feature is unique to their chargers and is available across its product offerings list. The “Float” maintenance mode monitors and charges the battery for up to 10 days in a row before shifting into “Pulse” maintenance. In “Pulse” maintenance mode, the charger will only send a charging current to the battery when it sees a drop in voltage. In this way, the charger ensures that the battery is not overcharged while maintaining a 95-to-99% charge for months at a time if needed. CTEK states that its “Pulse” maintenance technology is the safest way to maintain a battery’s charge over long periods of time. The MUS 4.3 also features a “Recondition” mode to restore many deeply discharged battery along with a winter mode for cold climate charging and an AGM mode for charging batteries featuring that technology.


While the MUS 4.3 would likely fit the needs of the majority of enthusiasts and their budgets (its MSRP is $84.99,) CTEK also offers a number of smaller and larger chargers to suit other applications ranging from snowmobiles and motorcycles to RVs and marine applications. There are also chargers designed for 12-to-16 volt requirements as well as lithium-ion applications.


CTEK Battery ChargerAs a supplement to its broad line of charging solutions, CTEK also offers accessories that ease the monitoring and maintenance of batteries. The Comfort Indicator Eyelet is a dongle that makes the connection to the battery and features red, yellow and green lights to indicate the status of the battery charge. A handy port at the end of the dongle permits easy plug in to any of the CTEK chargers when needed. The Comfort Indicator Panel connects and functions in a similar fashion to the Eyelet, reflecting the battery’s charge condition. But the Panel is designed for remote mounting in the case of a hard to reach battery. It has a charging port as well for easy connection to a CTEK charging unit.

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