Neglected batteries rarely last as long as the manufacturer projects, but a properly maintained battery could last anywhere from two-to-five times as long. With the latest technology packed into compact form factors, no garage should be without this essential maintenance device.


Real world testing offers the best measure of a product’s performance, so we brought in two batteries to put the MUS 4.3 to the test. One battery was eight-years old and the other was four-year old. Both have been shelved without maintenance for quite a while, so we thought that this would be a good test for the lightweight and compact MUS 4.3.


CTEK Battery ChargerThe first battery, a heavily abused Braille Auto Compact unit from 2005, had been deep cycled and recharged numerous times over the course of four years. Each time it was deep cycled by the car alarm while sitting for a couple of weeks, we used a low amperage trickle charger to bring it back to life. Eventually, it stopped retaining enough of a charge to fire the car. Before attempting to charge the battery, the voltage had read 5.2 volts. With the MUS 4.3 connected for a full work day, the indicator is still in the desulphation mode. Only time will tell if this battery will come back from the dead. Since its press time already, you’ll have to wait to learn the fate.


CTEK Battery ChargerThe second battery, a compact battery from XS Engineering, was put through a similar experience as the Braille battery, but without as many deep cycles. Initial measurements indicated that the voltage was around 11.4 volts, which was not too bad, but certainly not optimal. Once connected to the CTEK charger, the MUS 4.3 went through each of its steps, and within minutes, began the bulk charge mode. By the next morning, the battery had gone through all of the steps and was shown to be in the maintenance mode. Another check of the battery voltage indicated 13.1 volts, and it appears that this battery is ready to run again. Since this battery is currently a bench warmer in the line up, we’ll just leave it hooked up to the MUS 4.3 for good measure until it is needed in the next project car.

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