B-Series Hits 1,000+ Horsepower on the Dyno - DSPORT Magazine
They said it couldn’t be done, so we did it. We built a 1,000+ horsepower B-Series engine. Had we been among the flock of misguided sheep looking to forums religiously, chances are that our engine combination would be very different. Following BAD forum advice would have likely resulted in missing the targeted horsepower goal while experiencing engine failures along the way. Taking a better path, we relied upon the engineering, engine building and engine development knowledge and experience that we have here at DSPORT. Since there is not another automotive publication in the world that has a staff with Champ Car, Formula One and multiple 1,000whp street-engine building experience, we decided to put it to good use. As one of the first engine projects to come out of our newly-opened Club DSPORT Engine Development Center, we’re proud to say that we hit the mark on the engine’s first dyno session. A week-and-a-half later, we added another 40 horsepower with some finer tuning on our second dyno session. This session took the 2.0-liter B-Series to the 1,055whp mark on $3.29/gallon E85 straight from the pump. After 40 pulls, the engine is doing great. Cylinder leakdown percentages are still holding under at the same post-break-in levels. Now that the dyno has provided us with the personality profile of our current engine combination, we’ll focus on the driveline and supporting gear needed to manage and deliver this power to the ground.

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