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Mission Control While physically building a car can be challenging, making the thing run right is usually an entirely different headache. Thankfully, Hondata has this problem solved with its newest KPro4 for the popular Honda K-series. Building on the KPro3, the version 4 includes additional features such as digital inputs, outputs, access to CANBUS, flex-fuel capability and more. In addition, users can now connect the KPro4 directly to most aftermarket dash displays. A number of additional failsafes have also been added to safeguard your engine. KPro4 also interfaces with Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth to monitor the engine and…

All killer, no filler – it’s our 3-minute, mind-melting 2014 megamix. Drag, drift, circuit, and all of the latest tech is what you get when you subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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