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Pan Handler Canton Racing Products’ Honda S2000 oil pan features its diamond-shaped road race baffle, an additional one-quart capacity over stock and two 1/2 NPT ports for oil return and a temp sensor. Canton Racing Products

Bladed Booster The brand-new Garrett GTX4594R turbocharger features the GTX 11 blade compressor wheel aerodynamics for great response and the ability to create power throughout the power band. Ideal for high-flowing engines such as the Honda K-series. This turbocharger is capable of 1,250hp and upwards. Multiple turbine housing A/R sizes available. Honeywell/Garrett

Boosted Boxer Rods Forged from proprietary 4330M for strength, fully machined and shot-peened for stress relief. These connecting rods include premium silicone bronze bushings for full floating pins and CARR multiphase fasteners. Retains 18-degree split line for easy assembly. CP-Carrillo

Brace Yourself An unsupportive seat without adequate bolstering can leave you slipping and sliding during hard cornering. Unlike most factory seats that lack support, a properly mounted fixed-back bucket seat can hold you tight on the street and the track. For 2015, Sparco introduces its latest Grid bucket seat. The Grid features a unique design that incorporates individual padding that is attached by Velcro, allowing for ventilation channels and a customized fit. In addition to the unique and shell design, the Grid seat is the first seat to utilize Sparco’s Lightened Fiberglass (LF) technology for an average weight savings of…

Mission Control While physically building a car can be challenging, making the thing run right is usually an entirely different headache. Thankfully, Hondata has this problem solved with its newest KPro4 for the popular Honda K-series. Building on the KPro3, the version 4 includes additional features such as digital inputs, outputs, access to CANBUS, flex-fuel capability and more. In addition, users can now connect the KPro4 directly to most aftermarket dash displays. A number of additional failsafes have also been added to safeguard your engine. KPro4 also interfaces with Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth to monitor the engine and…

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