Any situation where you can shave weight and increase power on your car is a win/win. Antigravity Batteries aims to improve your car’s electrical capability and reliability with its RS-20 Lithium Car Battery. This Lithium cell battery offers a low weight of 10 pounds while still delivering 1,000 Amps of power. Additionally, the RS-20 features an automatic Low-Voltage Cut-Off that limits over-discharge and protects the battery from damage. Its “RE-START Technology” feature lets the RS-20 enter a “sleep” mode, ensuring that there is always enough power available to start your car even if you leave the lights on or run the stereo until the battery shuts off. With a compact footprint of 9.5 x 6.8 x 7.5 inches, this battery is designed for use in racing and performance vehicles, as well as your daily driver. MSRP starts at $599.00.

Antigravity Batteries