CP-Carrillo Forged Pistons

Bulletproof Slugs

While the R35 GT-R is known for producing power in excess of 2,000 WHP, the factory engine internals simply aren’t made to handle significant increases in cylinder pressure. For tuners looking to extract the most power from the VR38 engine, CP-Carrillo now offers its new HD series of forged pistons. These new forgings utilize extra material in places where the manufacturer has found it to be beneficial to performance, namely in the pin boss area. In addition, the new piston features a narrower pin boss span and thicker skirt for increased resistance to detonation. CP-Carrillo will also begin offering an all-new aluminum connecting rod option for the VR38. This rod will use H11 tool steel fasteners and on -the-shelf crank pin sizes, allowing users to purchase common bearings and pins.
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