Heatshield Products Introduces the HP Torch Blanket

Heatshield BlanketWelding while protecting nearby components from welding splatter just got easier with HP Torch Blanket from Heatshield Products. The HP Torch Blanket provides a flexible, easily deployed thermal barrier to protect components. It is designed to protect even if the torch touches the blanket. It is constructed from Heatshield Products Stealth Felt, making it more durable and longer-lasting than many other welding blankets. Magnets are sewn into the corners to make it easier to hold the HP Torch Blanket in place while welding. HP Torch Blanket is capable of withstanding 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit of continuous heat. It is available in three off-the-shelf sizes, and custom HP Torch Blankets can be made upon request. Made in the USA.

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