Injector Dynamics Releases The ID1700 Injectors


Injector Dynamics ID700MORE POWER CALLS FOR MORE AIR AND MORE FUEL. TO HANDLE HIGH fuel demands, Injector Dynamics partnered with Bosch Motorsport to develop the ID1700. Designed for high flow rates and high rail pressures, the ID1700 delivers fuel at 1,725cc/min at 43.5psi, up to 2,640cc/min at 101.5psi. A unique magnetic circuit makes the injector immune to the voltage and pressure sensitivity problems that occur in many high impedance, high pressure injectors. The ID1700 features corrosion resistant internals that make it compatible with all popular fuel types, including MTBE and ethanol. MSRP starts at $248.00. Injector Dynamics logo

Injector Dynamics 214.607.9022

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