L.A Sleeve Releases Big Bore Sleeve Kit For The EJ25


LA Sleeves EJ25 SleevesAS THE SAYING GOES, THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT AND L.A. Sleeve has made it easier for Subaru owners to up the displacement of their EJ25 engines with its Big Bore Sleeve Kit. L.A. Sleeve’s kit is made from proprietary Moly2000 centrifugally spun cast ductile iron, a hardened material that can be bored out to a bore larger than the factory 99.5mm piston size. According to L.A. Sleeve, the increase in bore size can efictively increase the displacement of the EJ25 to 2.8-liters. In addition to the increase in engine size, the sleeve kit offers improvements in cooling through its procross-procool design, which surrounds the fire dam at top-dead center by coolant. The sleeve kit is rated for 1,320 horsepower.

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