L.A SleeveL.A Sleeve’s Moly2000 Mitsubishi 4B11TT EVO-X Race Ready Performance Sleeve Kit is manufactured from specially formulated centrifugally spun-cast ductile iron. The sleeve diameters range from 86mm up to 90mm, if more displacement is desired. Boost levels as high as 74 pounds are possible with a rating for 1,320 horsepower. The amphibious design provides a cross cooling effect to ensure normal use for the street and consistency on the drag strip. Moly2000’s material density provides consistent grain flow micro-structure, graphite and matrix distribution. Moly2000 is wear and shock resistant, ensuring a stable bore surface, ring seal and compression boundary. Metallurgical high carbon ferrous material properties of molybdenum, nickel, graphite nodules, copper, silicon and chromium provide ultimate load bearing ability. Continuous roundness, hardness and concentricity offers “no worry” race sleeve technology. MSRP is $540.00.

L.A Sleeve