Tomei Powered, USA Introduces Its Expreme Ti Exhaust for the Nissan 350Z and 370Z


157-001-NewProduct-Tomei-ExpremeTiExhaustWEIGHT HINDERS PERFORMANCE. IN SOME CASES, SHEDDING WEIGHT IN MATERIALS and construction a vehicle also leads to a loss of build strength. When it comes to the exhaust system, corrosion is added to the list of concerns. Tomei Powered, USA addressed these concerns with its Expreme Ti exhaust for Nissan’s 350Z and 370Z models. Available among this lineup are the cat-less straight pipe, mid Y pipe and muffler, all made from titanium. Tomei Powered selected titanium in order to achieve a stronger, lighter, less corrosive and more powerful than the stock exhaust system. MSRP starts at $690.


Tomei Powered, USA