Eibach Shop Tour

From springs and coilovers to sway bars and suspension systems, Eibach USA engineers, develops and builds these parts in house at its plant in Southern California. Although many companies now choose to outsource production, there are still companies like Eibach going strong right here on American soil. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes looks at some of your favorite parts manufacturers in upcoming issues of DSPORT Magazine.

Text by Jun Chen // Photos by Jun Chen and Richard Fong

eibach-shop-tour-147-002Utilizing a spring dynamometer, a coilover spring can be measured and specific characteristics analyzed.

eibach-shop-tour-147-017From muscle cars to imports, Eibach’s application list includes a wide variety of makes and models. Be on the lookout for their website and catalog, as new applications are constantly being tested and added to the list.


eibach-shop-tour-147-011In addition to its springs, Eibach’s also offers sway bars, coilovers and suspension kits.

eibach-shop-tour-147-018This spool of steel wire is fed into a machine that coils the wire into a spring.

eibach-shop-tour-147-016Eibach utilizes a full range of shock and spring dynos to test all of their products.

eibach-shop-tour-147-020Eibach’s Pro-Street-S and Multi-Pro coilovers begin with a shock body welded here.