157-001-NewProduct-Wilwood-MasterCylinderReservoirFLUID LEVELS AND TIRE PRESSURES ARE WHERE BASIC CAR MAINTENANCE BEGINS. Wilwood’s new Master Cylinder Reservoir Caps with Electronic Fluid Level Sensors allow drivers to view the level of their brake fluid and to receive an indication when the fluid level requires attention, all from inside the car. The black caps are manufactured from durable lightweight Nylon with a high melting point to withstand the demands of engine compartment surroundings. The internal float is made from a proprietary material for extra dimensional stability to yield accurate readings. Electrical connection is accomplished through standard automotive 12V DC male terminals. These act as direct replacement caps for popular Wilwood brake fluid reservoirs of 4, 7, 10 and 10.7 oz capacities. MSRP is $23.93. wilwood

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