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Racepak IQ3s
Steetable convenience and track-worthy performance, most might tell you that you can’t have both. This battle of comfort versus performance frequently leads automotive engineers and enthusiasts to search for a healthy balance between the two. When looking into aftermarket display and data logging solutions, many include options designed strictly for serious racing. Although race dashes look good and include loads of perks, these countless features that you’d almost never use for the street come with a premium price tag. This is where Racepak steps in with its IQ3s Street Dash and G2X data logger. Text by Cameron Parsons // Photos by Cameron Parsons and courtesy of Racepak

Make Some Room

The IQ3s features a programmable LCD digital display designed as a convenient and affordable streetcar dash replacement. Many modern vehicles display only the most basic information on the dash and rely on simple catch-all warning lights to notify the driver of any errors. If you want more detailed information available for viewing, additional gauges are often the quick and easy solution. However, adding more gauges requires more space on the A-pillar, on top of or built into the dash, on the transmission tunnel or other areas. The IQ3s avoids this clutter by replacing all of the factory gauges and adding features of its own. Racepak IQ3s

Despite its racecar looks, the IQ3s dims with the headlights and displays turn signals, high beam indicator, parking brake warning, fuel level, odometer and other road-oriented features.

Made for the Street

Despite its race-application appearance, the IQ3s was designed for streetcars. What’s the difference? In order to save on cost and to avoid unnecessary clutter, the IQ3s does not include built-in data logging or accelerometers. However, it does feature road-specific functions to enable it as a full gauge cluster replacement. Beyond the usual speedometer, tachometer and other basic information, the dash can display fuel level, turn signal indicators, parking brake warning and a high beam indicator. The backlight in the dash will even dim when you switch the headlights on. In order to fit the many details on screen, the IQ3s spans 7.3-inches across and 4.1-inches tall, or 8.37-inches diagonally. The monochromatic display shows information in very clear and sharp letters and numbers against a blue-lit backdrop. A series of LED lights occupy the upper bezel, providing progressive shift lights and four separate alarms, each one programmable for different values. Adding to the dash’s customizability, the IQ3s allows for up to 28 programmable items displayed across four pages. This grants the user the freedom to build pages focused on daily driving, diagnostics, track days and other purposes to their liking. The IQ3s comes with two momentary push buttons with spade terminals that allow the user to switch pages, reset the odometer, set the time and date, adjust sensor information and make other changes. This added functionality of the included buttons lets the user change a majority of the dash settings without the need to plug into a computer. Racepak IQ3s Close up

Four LED alarm lights and a series of progressive LED shift lights span across the top of the dash to deliver the driver essential information.

Plugging Away

Although the IQ3s is designed for street application, Racepak did not ignore the fact that many potential IQ3s users use their streetcars on the track. The dash can communicate with vehicles via OBDII adapter on 2008 and newer models, EFI interface, or through Racepak’s plug-and-play V-Net sensors. Racepak regularly updates its growing list of pre-programmed CAN protocols, including popular manufacturers such as AEM, MoTeC, Holley, MSD and more. You can check the company website or give them a call to find out if compatibility with your ECU is already available. If you want custom sensors with plug-and-play functionality, Racepak supplies many options under its V-Net standard. All of the basics in analog and digital sensors are covered, including various pressures, temperatures, speeds and boost/vacuum. Many of these sensors are pre-programmed, requiring little from the user beyond simply installing the sensors in the proper locations and connecting them to the dash. IQ3s connection diagram

Hit Record

The IQ3s does not house any data logging capabilities on its own, however, it will pair with Racepak’s loggers to help you collect all the information you could ask for. The G2X data logger fills in as Racepak’s affordable but powerful option for data logging in road racing environments. Its physical dimensions make it a somewhat bulkier than other data loggers, however, its shape still allows for the device to conveniently mount on the floor, under the seat or any other flat surface. Simply mount the unit, wire in a 12-volt power source or plug in the included cigarette lighter adapter and you’re ready to start.

168-Tech-RacepakIQ3sG2X-002-SDcardThe G2X accepts connections for a GPS sensor, 12-volt power, tachometer readings and Racepak’s V-Net connection. An SD card with a sealed cover is removable for easy data downloads between track sessions.

Maximizing Utility

The IQ3s includes (1) two button inputs for toggling pages and changing basic settings, (2) two analog temperature sensors and an analog pressure sensor to get you started. Recommended accessories, sold separately, include: (3) USM Four Channel Programmable V-Net sensor module to add additional sensors, (4) RPM sensor for measuring ring gear, gear wheel or vehicle wheel speeds, and (5) pressure sensor for measuring brake application. Once you’re rolling around the track, the G2X records all of the most important data to help dial in car setups and driving techniques. With the help of an external GPS sensor, the logger can build a track map in order to provide lap times, sector times, speeds and driving lines. The built-in accelerometer adds to its functionality to interpret lateral and longitudinal g forces. Working with these included features alone can add up to seriously improve a driver’s lap times. If you really love gathering data, the G2X contains four internal channels and allows for up to 18 V-Net channels to collect up to 100 samples per second. This greatly expands the unit’s functionality to log vehicle information such as throttle position, steering angle, brake pressure, air/fuel ratios, numerous temperatures and more. Utilizing the included 4GB SD card, the G2X can store more than 20 hours of data.

iQ3s accessoriesThe IQ3s includes (1) two button inputs for toggling pages and changing basic settings, (2) two analog temperature sensors and an analog pressure sensor to get you started. Recommended accessories, sold separately, include: (3) USM Four Channel Programmable V-Net sensor module to add additional sensors, (4) RPM sensor for measuring ring gear, gear wheel or vehicle wheel speeds, and (5) pressure sensor for measuring brake application.

In for Analysis

Racepak’s DataLink so ware serves as the go-to for configuring devices and analyzing logged data. It may look like a blast from the 90s, and users that are new to data analysis may take some extra time to learn the so ware, but it includes all the necessities to fully pick apart your on-track performance. Plots and graphs represent sensor readings, while the track map displays GPS data with speeds and g forces. Racepak also included real-time telemetry functionality in the DataLink so ware for race teams and the hardcore enthusiasts. With the proper communication hardware on the car and on a PC, a user can view the G2X’s sensor readings through their computer while the car turns laps on track.

Have it Your Way

Racepak’s IQ3s Street Dash and G2X logger deliver a somewhat modular design to give users the option of spending what they want on only the features they desire. By this design, they can carry a racecar look on the dashboard without the racecar budget and maintain the comfort and utility of factory equipment. Beyond the dash and data logger’s high functionality, the options of using CAN connections or pre-programmed V-Net sensors add to the convenience of installation. Put the pieces together and you have a dash and data system that does exactly what you ask of it without burning a hole in your wallet.

iQ3s Product IncludesThe IQ3s includes everything needed to get started, including wiring, sensors and the necessary software to configure the dash readouts.

Price List:

Racepak IQ3s Street Dash (p/n 250-DS-IQ3S) $975.00
Racepak G2X Extreme Kit (p/n 600-KT-G2XRND) $725.00
Total (As Tested) $1,700.00

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