The Verdict

By simply maximizing the power potential of existing parts and incorporating future preventative-maintenance parts, we were able to massage an additional 34.5 WHP from the stock EJ257 engine. While the parts installed serve as keys to unlock engine potential that’s been toned down by conservative factory settings, they serve an equally-important purpose of
providing a level of security for engine longevity under the modifications that we’ll be installing in our next Test & Tune segment. We’ll continue to recalibrate the ECU with each additional part to extract the maximum power potential from our bolt-on regimen. Stay tuned.

The Bottom Line

HP Level HP Increase % Increase Total
Test 1 Oil, Plugs, Oil Air Sep 232.9 -1.5 -0.6% -1.5
Test 2 COBB AccessPORT 262.3 29.4 12.6% 27.9
Test 3 AccessPORT + 1.5psi 268.9 6.6 2.5% 34.5
* * * * *
1 2 3

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