Right For You

mountune-mp275-ford-focus-144-011Even though some owners and tuners may claim to extract similar performance from the Focus ST using different parts, none of them can offer a package that keeps the powertrain warranty intact. Mountune found and fulfilled a niche in the market for Focus ST owners who want to enjoy more power without dealing with any warranty woes. In addition to power upgrades, Mountune also offers a wide range of components to further enhance the Focus ST, including suspension upgrades and styling products.

With 44.5 extra horsepower on tap, the Mountune’d Focus ST could benefit from a limited-slip differential to put the power to the ground. Although the kit and exhaust may not void your warranty or fail an emissions inspection, it’s up to you not to get pulled over.

Power Punch

mountune-mp275-ford-focus-144-012mountune-mp275-ford-focus-144-013Most power upgrades will yield gains in certain areas but losses in others. However, the Mountune MP275 package and exhaust system realized gains across nearly the entire RPM range. Our test vehicle baselined at 218.6 wheel horsepower and 276.8 lb-ft of torque.

With just the MP275 package consisting of the induction kit, intercooler and mTune MP275 calibration, we reached a peak power of 241.7 wheel horsepower and 301.44 lb-ft of torque. Compared to factory output numbers, the MP275 kit delivered an increase of 23.1 wheel horsepower and 24.64 lb-ft of torque. After we bolted on the high-flow exhaust, the power and torque output increased to 263.1 whp and 326.5 lb-ft. That’s nearly a 20-percent increase in peak power and torque. While this warranty and CARB-friendly package delivers strong power numbers, in our next installment, we’ll test Mountune’s not-so-warranty-friendly MR power package. Stay tuned.


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