D’Garage R33 Skyline Shakedown at Irwindale Drag Strip

Making the power to run an 8-second pass is proving to be a lot easier than getting the car to deliver it to the ground. We took the D’Garage R33 Skyline out to Irwindale in attempt to lay all this power down for our quickest pass yet.

Improper clutch adjustments and a failed fan clutch relay were the first gremlins to attack that night. This was later followed by a nitrous backfire that bent the throttle shaft.

Those issues were fixed, and we tried again at the 2015 IDRC West Coast Nationals. New issues surfaced concerning excessive engine protection actions from the AEM Infinity.

We plan to test again on 4/23 at Irwindale 1/8-mile and hope to get this car running right. There are plenty of barriers trying to keep us out of the 8s, but we’re confident that we can push through. The quicker you get, every last tenth of a second gets more and more difficult.