This edition of DSPORT DVD featured the 19th annual Buschur Shootout, along with the 2012 New Car Buyers Guide, 370z Drift feature car, and models Danielle Lo and Keiko Ruiz stop by for their first dates.

DSPORT DVD #22 Playlist

01:00 Quick Test: AEM FAILSAFE
04:35 Feature Car: 370Z V8 Drifter
09:51 Buschur DSM/EVO Shootout 2011
18:46 First Date: Danielle Lo
23:45 Feature Car: Domestic Dominator
28:03 Dyno Daze: NCBG 2012
30:04 Circuit Skewer: NCBG 2012
38:46 Track Attack: NCBG 2012
46:53 Feature Car: Medium Rare R32 GT-R
50:21 First Date: Keiko Ruiz
54:10 After Dark: Formula D Las Vegas
01:03:27 Feature Car: Chronic EVO VIII
01:08:35 SPOCOM Super Show: Hawaii
01:13:08 Credits / Outtakes