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Nissan R35 GT-R Lead


Year / Make / Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Premium
Chassis Code: CBA-R35
Competition Class: Street
Vehicle Weight: 3,750 lbs.
Weight Bias (F/R): 53/47
Launch RPM: 5,500 RPM
Shift RPM: 7,800 RPM
Redline RPM: 8,150 RPM
Peak Boost: 28 psi
Fuel: E85
Engine Code: VR38DETT
Displacement (cc): 3,799cc
Bore & Stroke (mm): 95.5mm x 88.4mm
Peak Horsepower (@ RPM): 904whp @6,100 RPM
Peak Torque (@ RPM): 822 lb-ft @4,500 RPM
Dyno Type: Dyno Jet
Engine Builder: David Baker
Machine Work: Baker Performance
Compression Ratio: 9.25:1
Pistons: Manley Platinum Lightweight Series
Piston Rings: Manley
Connecting Rods Manley 4340 I-Beam
Crank: Polished Stock Crank
Camshafts: Tomei 272 Intake/Exhaust Cams
Valves / Springs / Retainers: Ferrea Valves, Tomei Valve Springs & Retainers
Cylinder Head Modifications: Baker Performance Custom – Ported and Polished
Head / Main Studs: ARP Custom Age 625 Plus Head Studs / ARP L19 Mainstuds
Intake Manifold: Overtake/Mines Titanium Surge Tank
Air Induction System: AMS Induction System
Exhaust Manifold: AMS
Exhaust System / Downpipe: GReddy PE-R / GReddy Downpipes
Midpipe: Speed by Design 100C Resonated Midpipe w/ High-Flow Cat
Muffler: Greddy Titanium
Wastegate: AMS
Blow-Off Valve: TiAL Dual Purple Blow Off Valves
Intercooler: AMS Race with Murray Clamp Stainless Hose Fasteners
Fuel Injectors: Injector Dynamics 1300cc
Fuel Pump(s): Alpha Omega Brushless Triple Pump System
Flex Fuel System: Visconti Flex Fuel System
Additional Fuel Delivery: GReddy Fuel Rail System with Aeromotive FPR
Engine Management System: Cobb Version 3 Piggyback Engine Management System
Engine Management Tuner: Cicio Performance
Grounding System: HKS Circle Earth
Boost Controller: Cobb Version 3 Piggyback Engine Management System
Spark Plugs: NGK Laser Iridium SX3026
Cooling System: AMS Cooling Kit
Performance Electronics: Zeitronix ECA (Ethanol Content Analyzer)
Radiator: Koyo w/ Billion Japan Cap
Expansion Tank: AMS Alpha Expansion Tank w/ Billion Japan Cap
Turbocharger: AMS Alpha 9+ (Garrett GT BB Center Section w/ Machined OEM Housing)
Frame: GT2871R CHRA
Compressor Wheel Specs: 53.8mm
Turbine Wheel Specs: 71mm/56 Trim Compressor
Turbine Housing: AMS Modified Housing
Coilovers: Powerhouse Amuse R1 Adjustable Suspension System (F20K, R12K)
Sway Bars: Cusco
Chassis Bracing: RPM NYC R35 Spec Titanium Chassis Reinforcement Brace
Additional Suspension Components: SPL Pro Rear End Links, SPL Titanium Rear Camber Links, SPL Titanium Rear Toe Links, SPL Titanium Rear Traction Links
Transmission: Jack’s Transmissions Drag 800 Built Transmission
Axles / Driveshaft: Driveshaft Shop (DSS) 1000-WHP Rear Axles
Wheels (Make, Size & Offset): Bulletproof Automotive Advan “Frozen Carbon” GT, 20×10 (+35) front and 20×12 (+20) rear
Tires (Make & Size): Toyo R888R, 285/35/20 F & 315-30-20 R
Centercaps: Advan
Brake Rotors (Diameter, F&R): Project Mu SCR-PRO+ Rotors
Brake Pads (Front & Rear): Endless MX72 Brake Pads
Brake Lines: Endless SS Brake Lines w/ Endless Brake Fluid
Roll Bar / Cage: Cusco Roll Cage with Carbon Fiber Harness Bar
Seats: Bride Vorga Japan Edition Carbon Fiber Seats, Bride Seat Rails
Harnesses: Takata Black Drift 3 Belts w/ 3” Comfort Pads
Steering Wheel / Quick Release: DCT Motorsports Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Gauges: Defi Voltage Gauge in Concept-Z AC Mount
Front Lip / Spoiler: Varis Carbon Fiber Front Lip
Hood: Varis Carbon Fiber Hoo
Side Skirts: Zele Carbon Fiber Sideskirts
Rear Bumper: Varis Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper
Rear Diffuser: Varis Carbon Rear Diffuser
Rear Spoiler / Wing: Skipper Japan Carbon Fiber Wing
Mirrors: Top Secret Japan Carbon LED Mirrors

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