Built 13B, Big Boost and Nitrous Make This Mazda RX-7 Dream A Reality

Morabito's FD3S MAZDA RX-7

No boundaries. When limitations are lifted, expect the unexpected, anticipate the outrageous. Many tuning enthusiasts express themselves through their vehicle builds. When you have a blank check to work with the sky is the limit. Dominic Morabito is one of these tuners. A hard worker for his passions, Morabito has had a fascination with Mazda’s FD3S RX-7 since before he could drive. Ever the fanatic, Dominic eats, sleeps and breaths everything rotary. He had been visualizing the ultimate RX-7.

Text by Richard Fong • Photos by Dean Summers

Stout Rotary

Morabito started the transformation in the engine bay. With the 13B rotary mill apart, the rotor housings were machined to receive a set of 12.7mm oversized studs from Extreme Rotaries. The oil galleries were drilled out to facilitate additional lubrication of the rotating assembly. Revs Rotary machined the housings with their signature Large Race Extend Port. Porting the housings of a rotary engine would be equivalent to upgrading camshafts and porting and polishing the cylinder head of a piston engine. The eccentric shaft received an isotropic finish from Guru Racing Motorsports Products. The process, known as XTreme Finishing, involves subjecting the eccentric shaft to vibratory honing with ceramic media. Before reassembly, the low-compression rotors were fitted with 2mm SCR apex seals.

Revs Rotary fabricated a custom exhaust manifold to channel exhaust gases into the turbine housing of the Garrett GT4502R turbocharger. A custom 4-inch stainless down pipe and exhaust with dual N1 canisters direct spent gases to the atmosphere. From the compressor, custom intercooler piping forces the intake air charge through a 100mm thick intercooler core that sits front and center behind the front bumper cover. From the intercooler, the compressed air makes its way to a port-matched throttle body and the Extrude Honed intake manifold.

Morabito's FD3S MAZDA RX-7 on the road