Year / Make / Model: 2008 Mitsubishi EVO X GSR
Vehicle Weight: 2,900 lbs.
Weight Bias (F/R): 55/45
Shift RPM: 7,500 RPM
Peak Boost: 23 psi
Fuel: VP Racing C16
Engine Code: 4B11
Displacement (cc): 2,236cc
Bore & Stroke (mm): 87mm x 94 mm
Peak Horsepower (@ RPM): 390 whp (stock displacement)
Dyno Type: XS Engineering’s DTS Dynamometer
Pistons/Compression Ratio: Cosworth 9.0:1 Forged Aluminum
Connecting Rods / Crank: Cosworth Forged-steel H beam Rods
Cosworth Billet-steel Stroker Crankshaft
Block Modifications: Overbore and hone
Machine Work: Cosworth
Camshaft: Cosworth 266-degree MX1 Camshafts
Valves / Springs / Retainers: Cosworth Valves, Springs and Titanium Retainers
Cylinder Head Mods / Gasket: Cosworth CNC-Ported
Head / Main Studs: Cosworth Head and Main Studs
Fuel Injection: RC Engineering 1,000 cc/min Injectors
(x4), Cosworth Fuel Rail, SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Delivery System: Nippon Denso 255-lph In-tank Pump
Engine Management System: ECUTek Reflash
Boost Controller: GReddy FRofec-B
Igniton: Okada Project Plasma Coils
Spark Plugs: NGK
Turbocharger: GReddy T67 25G 10CM2
Exhaust Manifold: Deisgn Craft Fabrication (DCF)
Stainless-steel Equal-length Manifold
Wastegate: GReddy Type-R External Wastegate
Blow-Off Valve: GReddy Type-R BOV
Exhaust System / Downpipe: DCF 100mm Downpipe
GReddy Racing Ti-C Exhaust
Intercooler: GReddy Five-row Front-mount Intercooler
DCF Intercooler Piping
Cooling System: GReddy Surge Tank
Springs, F&R (Make & Rate): RS*R Ti2000 12 kgf/mm / 10 kgf/mm
Shocks, F&R (Make & Rate): iShock 32-way Adjustable w/ separate compression/rate
of rebound and external reservoir
Additional Suspension Components: Hotchkis front and rear sway bars
Clutch / Flywheel: ACT HD with ACT flywheel
Differential(s) (Make & Type): KAAZ REar Differential
Wheels (Make, Size & Offset): Gram Light Optimize 18×9.5-inch +22
Tires (Make & Size): 275/35R18 (F&R)
Brakes (Front & Rear): Performance Friction Corp (PFC)
Z-Rated 4_piston Brake Calipers (F)
Z Rated 2-piston Brake Calipers (R)
PFC 362mm 2-piece Rotors (F)
PFC 330mm 2-piece Rotors (R)
Brake Pads (Front & Rear): Z-RAted Carbon Metallic Pads
Brake Lines: DOT FMVSS 106 Specified steel braided
front and rear brake lines

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