Misa Campo

Requests to put a particular model on the cover of DSPORT are a common occurrence. Week after week, we get requests from fans to see their favorite model on the cover of DSPORT. For some fans, just one cover shoot of their favorite cover model with DSport isn’t enough. During 2007, one of our most popular cover models turned out to be Misa Campo. When the opportunity came to shoot with Misa again before the SEMA show, we decided to jump on the chance. As you may recall, Misa was born in Canada. However, she also spends a great deal of her time in Southern California. While bartending at a club, she was convinced to try some modeling. Enjoying the experience, Misa has become one of the most popular models in the import-performance scene.

It’s been a little over a year since you shot for the December 2006 cover, what have you been up to?

I’ve been pretty much up to the same old stuff. Laying in bed, eating and watching TV. In between, I’ve been traveling a lot. Photoshoots have definitely kept me busy.

Misa Campo Second Date with DSPORT Magazine Issue 61Are you planning to move to the States?

I am currently trying to permanently relocate to the USA. I actually just sent out a letter requesting a copy of my birth certificate to see if my father registered me as an “American born abroad” when I was born in Canada. Since he’s American, I have a legitimate claim to U.S. citizenship. Hopefully, it’ll all work out and I’ll get to move over here for good. If not, some poor guy will have to marry me so I can get my citizenship. Any one interested? (laughing)

I remember that we teased you a little about flare bartending during our first interview. Is this something that you are still passionate about?

It’s still something I’d like to learn but, not that interested in anymore. I’m passionate about ghost hunting now.

Did you ever get out to go skydiving?

Not yet. My past roommate in Canada just went for his birthday, I’m super jealous. But I plan on going one day.

What are your plans for the next few months, next year and beyond that?

I’m going to go home to Montreal because I’ve been so homesick. It’s my birthday in January and hopefully, I’ll get to spend it with my mom, sisters and friends. As far as modeling, I’m really just going with it and taking things as they come, so no big plans. If I had my way, you could look forward to seeing me in the next 12 issues of DSPORT.

Misa Campo Second Date with DSPORT Magazine Issue 61What did you like or not like about the first cover shoot and model interview?

I think my ethnicity was wrong. I’m half Filipino and half Dutch (Holland). I forgive you guys, though. Other than that everything was great enough for me to come back for seconds. And the fact that you don’t edit the crap out of my photos is awesome. Unlike that other magazine, you guys treat me well and make me feel comfortable. You also fed me, which is rare, and have really nice make up artists! I love DSPORT.

Actually we did have your ethnicity correct, it was one of those other magazines that you “like” so much. Are you still the biggest dork that you know or have you met a bigger dork yet?

I am dork central. I have just been crowned queen of the dorks. I think I may have gotten a slight bit dorkier, I sound like a dork right now, don’t I? Hey wait a minute, isn’t a dork a whale’s penis?

Only if San Diego is German for whale’s vagina. Did you get misacampo.com up and running yet? If so, what can people find there?

Yes, www.misacampo.com is up and running. You can find pictures, blogs, weekly live webcam chats, pictures from photoshoots, snapshots from events, you can send me email, find info on where I’ll be and when, and a store. It’s basically nothing but me! Just in case I left something out, you might want to check it out and find out for yourself.

Misa Campo Second Date as featured in DSPORT Magazine Issue 61You mentioned before that you had a lot of business ideas running through your head, have any of these been put into motion?

They have all been put into motion. I don’t want to jinx myself so I’m keeping it secret until the right time. Maybe our next photo shoot next year (laughing). Thanks again for the opportunity.