Day 7 – TEIN

Next stop was the TEIN factory. If you’re a fan of cars or machinery, this place will impress you. After a quick presentation, attendees got an exclusive tour through the factory, which is not open to the public. TEIN showed off all of their impressive machinery, their clean work environment, and their intense testing process that they perform on their products. If you have an opinion on any of TEIN’s products, you will think higher of them after a tour like this. After the tour, TEIN took us to a traditional Japanese lunch, setting us up perfectly for the next stop.

Alain Achue

This was my first time in Japan and I was able to drive a go kart through the streets of Tokyo, was a passenger in a drift car at the DSport’s drift event, attended the Tokyo Auto Salon and visited numerous specialty shops, like Type Spoon, Tomei, Up Garage, and Tein. This tour’s itinerary did not disappoint. My wife was able to see how her BRZ’s Tein Flex Z coilovers were built. This was a dream tour that rekindled my interest in the Toyota Corolla AE86 and has me anticipating many new CTR FK8 parts from Japan.


For the majority of our attendees, getting to tour TOMEI POWERED’s facility was a dream come true. This legendary place is a small boutique, but it has everything you need to build the high horsepower monster of your dreams. Attendees toured the many rooms of TOMEI POWERED, but none were more impressive than the engine dyno room, where they displayed how it worked as they revved the tour away. Everyone headed upstairs to receive their gift, purchase some merchandise, and even meet the owner of TOMEI POWERED, Shuji Suzuki.

Melvin Robertson

This was my 3rd tour with DSPORT attending The Tokyo Auto Salon. I have to say that every time I go on the tour, I’m never disappointed. However, 2018 was the best trip I had, from Mari Cars to the DSPORT drift ride-along. One word: EPIC!  The Mari Car was super fun and I felt like a celebrity at times, people would wave at me and take pictures, but to actually ride around Tokyo in go karts was super fun. DSPORT never let me down anytime I go on the Tour and I will return because I know DSPORT will make the trip epic in some shape or form. On the free days and nights that DSPORT gave me, I went out shopping and went to a few local car meets, like the RWB meeting in Roppongi. I got to hang out with Nakai-San and met some other RWB owners. This experience will forever be in my heart and will always be something to remember. Thank you, Michael and the DSPORT Family for everything.

DAY 8 – It’s A Wrap!

After tons of miles and an insane amount of fun, the tour wrapped up as we all gathered at Izakaya for food and drinks. There is no better way to start the year off than exploring Tokyo, Japan, race around the streets in Mario Cars, watch what I think is the craziest show at the Robot Restaurant, and getting ride-alongs all day from professional drifters. If you have never been on the DSPORT Tokyo Auto Salon Tour, or if you are ready to recreate the fun in a different way for the next year, we highly recommend you join us on a trip that will leave you with lifelong memories and friends.

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