Hard Media/DSPORT Shop and Office Tour

Our Future Plans

[pullquote]DSPORT LOOKS TO DELIVER MORE TECH, ENGINE BUILDS AND RELEVANT CONTENT THAN EVER BEFORE[/pullquote]As we move into our third year at this new facility, we continue to reap the benefits of all of these amenities. Len and Magnus contribute hugely to our ability to take a blown engine, build it up and get the car running better than ever. For 2014, our D’GARAGE projects look to cover more facets of the import industry. Equipped with new talent, an all-wheel-drive dyno, precision engine machine shop, fabrication area and garage, DSPORT looks to deliver more tech, engine builds and relevant content than ever before.


hard-media-shop-tour-006Within months of moving into the new facility, the DSPORT garage was called into use by a television film crew. CBS’s 48 Hours production staff contacted DSPORT with interest to utilize the DSPORT garage for a mock photoshoot. DSPORT cover models Kim Lee and Maureen Chen were brought in to complement the segment. Publisher Michael Ferrara was interviewed about import models and former DSPORT cover model Felicia Tang, whose controversial death sparked interest by the mainstream media.

In the Studio

hard-media-shop-tour-007Along with the tooling and facilities to build project cars, we also used the new location to help us streamline much of our photography. Product photography previously took place in makeshift pop-up studios inside our cramped old office. However, the new location provided us with enough space to build our own in-house studio. Sandwiched between the garage and the office, our photo studio includes a custom built cove, an array of Norman and Interfit lighting and multiple backdrops. Equipped with this studio, we now shoot all of our cover models and products just yards from the editorial department.

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