Yokohama’s Advan RZII


Advan RZII WheelLESS WEIGHT ON A VEHICLE MEANS LESS RESISTANCE TO CHANGING DIRECTION, but there’s more to it than the final number that shows up on the scale. When jumping on the brake pedal, not only are the brakes trying to stop a couple thousand pounds from rolling, they are also fighting the inertia of the spinning wheels and rotors. Yokohama’s Advan RZII wheels designed to save weight without sacrificing looks or rigidity. The RZII lineup features a twin five spoke design, 5D scalloped pockets and Advan Racing Flow Forming technology for improved lightness and strength. Available in Semi-Gloss Black, Racing Hyper Blackand Racing Indigo Blue, in 17, 18 and 19 inch diameters.


Mackin Industries