Coming Attractions

DSPORT Magazine Test & Tune of the 2004 Subaru STi GDBDSPORT Magazine Test & Tune of the 2004 Subaru STi GDBWith only two parts in place, we are anxious to seek out more performance. We are looking into a boost controller, an engine management solution, a high performance clutch, high-volume fuel pump, larger injectors, a large diameter downpipe, a cat bypass, a bigger intercooler, blow-off-valve upgrade and intercooler pipe upgrade. These items should help us to get all we can from the stock turbo configuration. When we get the car to the track with the stock turbo set to kill, we also expect to come home with 11- second timeslips. From there, a full-turbo upgrade should get us the power to make a run at the 10s.


The Bottom Line

HP Level HP Increase % Increase Total
Test 1 INJEN Cold Air Intake 273.2 8.8 3.3% 8.8
Test 2 Magnaflow Ti Exhaust 280.0 6.8 5.9% 15.6
* * * * *
FINAL POWER 280.0 5.9% 15.6
1 2 3

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