2006 Honda Civic Si, Part 1

The Verdict

test-tune-civic-si-102-012We managed to see nominal power gains by replacing the oil and installing two of the three naturally-aspirated trifecta parts, the intake and the exhaust. Total peak power output is up 12.6 whp, while some areas of the powerband see as much as 19 whp gains. Performance prior to iVTEC engagement also increased but the parts combination we added really shone with the K20Z3’s active cam phasing in iVTEC.

Next Up

In our next installment, we’ll work on cleaning up the large iVTEC-engagement power dip and finish out the naturally-aspirated trifecta by testing two sets of headers on the K20Z3. Additionally, we’ll use the cam-phasing technology to our advantage and test a new set of cams along with more fuel and ignition tuning with the newly installed parts. Stay tuned.

The Bottom Line

HP Level HP Increase % Increase Total
Test 1 Torco SR-Synthetic Oil 198.1 2.4 1.2%
Test 2 Injen Short Ram Intake 204.7 6.6 3.3% 9.0
Test 3 Skunk2 Racing Mega Power 208.3 3.6 1.8% 12.6
* * * * *
FINAL POWER 208.3 6.3% 12.5