2006 Honda Civic Si, Part 1

The Dyno


test-tune-civic-si-102-004 At MD Automotive, the Si was strapped to the rollers of a Dynojet 248C dynamometer. The Civic baselined at 195.7 horsepower and 143.5 lb-ft  torque.

195.7 WHP @ 8,100 RPM 143.5 LB-FT TQ @ 6,160 RPM Dynojet

Test 1 Torco SR-5 Synthetic Oil

test-tune-civic-si-102-006 Baseline power was measured at 195.7whp on MD Automotive’s Dynojet 248C dyno. Jeren drained and refilled the K20Z3 with Torco SR-5 Synthetic Racing Oil. Once back on the dyno, the Si spun the rollers to the tune of 198.1 whp.

198.1 WHP @ 7,800 RPM 144.2 LB-FT TQ @ 5,900 RPM

Test 2 Injen Short Ram Intake

test-tune-civic-si-102-008 The Injen Short Ram Intake system provided nominal gains in the lower end of the powerband. The midrange area showed a moderate improvement, with most power production in the area post-iVTEC engagement.

204.7 WHP @ 7,900 RPM 147.2 LB-FT TQ @ 6,300 RPM

Test 3 Skunk2 Racing Mega Power Exhaust

test-tune-civic-si-102-010 The Mega Power Exhaust showed dramatic gains in the area after the iVTEC crossover point, with a broad range of additional power as high as 10 to 12 whp that tapered off gradually to redline.

208.3 WHP @ 7,850 RPM 153.4 LB-FT TQ @ 6,200 RPM

The Civic was removed from the dyno and the existing engine oil drained. The engine was then refilled with Torco SR-5 synthetic racing oil, warmed up and retested. The synthetic lubricant improved horsepower production at several points throughout the RPM range with noticeable gains of 4-to-6 horsepower from 5,900 RPM up to 7,100 RPM. Peak horsepower checked in at 198.1 with 144.2 lb-ft torque. Moving on to the first hard part, the stock air box and intake hose were removed. The Injen short ram intake fit flawlessly into the engine bay, with the appropriate hardware to make the installation straightforward. Within an hour, the Civic was fired up and spinning the rollers again. At the lower end of the spectrum, the Injen intake provided an improvement of almost 5 horsepower between 4,000 and 5,200 RPM, just before the iVTEC actuation point. In the upper end of the spectrum, the intake provided an even and consistent upwards shift of the powerband with an average 8-to-10 increase in horsepower from 6,200 through the post-8,200 RPM redline. Next, the factory exhaust system was removed and replaced with the Skunk2 Racing Mega Power Exhaust. Installation went smoothly as the cat-back system bolted up properly without fitment issues. With the silencer out and the Civic back on the dyno, the exhaust provided a moderate power increase in the lower range of the powerband, with the steady gain steady in the 2-to-3 horsepower range from the sample start to about 4,500 RPM. From 4,500 to VTEC actuation, the output range broadened to a consistent 4-to-5 horsepower increase. After the iVTEC engagement, increased power output jumped to almost 12 horsepower, slowly and evenly tapering down to redline with an approximate 5-horsepower increase. Peak horsepower was measured at 208.25 whp, up 3.34 whp from the previously recorded measurement.